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Past Exhibitions and Events


Dialogue: Larla Morales

October 5th, 2017

DIALOGUE is a collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA).  Artist Members from the CCA are invited to pair the work they create with art currently on view at The Grace and speak about the connections between the two. Larla Morales spoke about her own process and work in connection to Mary Vernon's masterfully colorful work in her exhibition "Painting is Drawing" in The Grace's Main Gallery.       Image from www.thegracemuseum.org



October- November 2017

Various pieces from Kin as well as some newer works were displayed on the walls Monk's coffee shop, a beloved local establishment in Downtown Abilene.

Salt of the Earth


June 28 - August 12, 2017

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This body of work presented within Kin is a deeply introspective journey, which seeks to divulge the artist’s dialogue with nature. In seeking to derive from nature the very mediums the work is created with; a deepened sense of understanding has followed and is the gnosis of the exhibition itself. Within the work, I wish to express the relationship I have been growing into with the local biome, as well as newly established understandings of other environments in Texas and throughout the Southwest (New Mexico, Colorado, Utah) by presenting each piece/series as a visual compendium of my personal ‘digestion’ of existence to the viewer and, hopefully, to expound upon the the commonalities and connections each bioregion holds within themselves, offering them as a reflection of humanity itself. - Larla Morales

Alignment: Artist Members Group Show at The Center for Contemporary Arts, Abilene Texas

May 25  - July 31st, 2017

"A Nebulous Persepctive" was displayed within Alignment, The Center for Contemporary Art's 2016 Winter Group Show.

Abilene Artist Coalition's Woman-themed Art Show

Feburary - March 2016

Abilene Artists Coalition presented the 1st annual Woman-themed Art Show in correlation with Abilene Community Theater's production of The Vagina Monologues. This show benefitted The Regional Victims Crisis Center and the exhibition was housed at Art Crush Abilene (502 N.Willis) from February-March 2017.
(Pictured : "Hold On To What Is Good" by Larla Morales)